Wintermute Studios - Free AGS Games by Duzz!

Dave's Adventure Game Studio Adventure

Hey, Dave here.

Back in 2002 I discovered a nifty tool for making classic point and click adventure games called Adventure Game Studio. AGS got me hooked on making video games, and it's all I've wanted to do ever since!

Below lies my various efforts with AGS over the last decade, most of which I made under the name "Wintermute Studios". I cringe at the name now, but back then it seemed wicked-cool :D

All these games are free, so have a play and let me know what you think!

- David 'Duzz' Lloyd

2013 - Powerhoof

my next adventure

At the start of 2013, good friend Barney Cumming and I quit our jobs at EA to try and make a living making our own games. And so it was that Powerhoof was born!

Our debut title is Crawl - a competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where you play as both the hero, and the dungeon's monsters, traps and bosses.

There's adventure games in the works too, so check out the website for our dev log, and follow us on twitter!

2011 - The Unicated

Good and Evil bang heads

A short twisted tale about conjoined twins; one good, one evil. Can they learn to work together before they're literally torn apart?

Made in a month for the MAGS competition and featuring music by @sunraheadgear and full voice acting by Adrian Vaughan, so you don't even need to read!

2009 - Duzz Quest 2

New Adventure. New Facial Hair. Same Duzz

Feel the adventuring wind in your hair! Feel your adventuring blood, pumping through your veins. Put down that plastic rockband guitar, grab some sort of plastic beard or something and clean out your inventory. You are a professional adventurer. You are a hero. You are me.

Step into the shoes of famous adventurer, me (Duzz), and into the bare feet of my co-adventurer Tim, as we venture across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, seeking truth, enlightenment, pancakes and an end to the sinister machinations of Dark Fool's evil twin.

This was to be my magnum opus, 5 years in the making, bigger and better in every way than the prequel, starring me... pretty much the perfect game. I never got around to recording the dialog, so you have to read through everything and do silly voices in your head. Still... it's starring me, so... the perfect game.

You don't need to have played the first Duzz Quest to know what's going on. In fact I'd advise you to skip the first game in favour of this one. The only things that you need to know are: I'm Duzz, and I'm awesome. Tim is my sidekick who helps me out on adventures. And Dark Fool is the baddie that died at the end of the last game.

2004 - H.L.o.B.B.

The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing

The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing is a sporting club for figures of high historical significance. Members don gloves, and battle it out in a variety of arenas.

HLoBB is a local multiplayer platformer. The aim is basically to wipe out all the other players by picking up speed and timing your punch to hit them. The faster you're moving the more damage is done.

2004 - Duzz Quest

An Egotistic Adventure

Slip into my shoes for a while and see the sort of crazy adventures I have.

This was the first game project I started, if you don't count TI83 calculator games I made during uni lectures. It's not nearly as polished as its sequel, but it does have full voice acting recorded by friends at parties and stuff. So I wouldn't really recommend playing it except for a laugh, or maybe because you loved Duzz Quest 2 so much.

2003 - Grr! Bearly Sane

A carnival worker finally snaps after being forced to wear a rancid carnival bear suit and endure endless torment from his boss and a multitude of horrid children.

Use the patented anger meter and insult generator to help him wreak his vengeance in this short tale of murder most foul!

2002 - Good Santa Bad Santa

My first completed game (and it shows), made in a month for the christmas MAGS competition.

Includes an ingenious morality system, ten years before mass effect's pale imitation.

It's feeling the years now, and might take a bit of fiddling around to get it running on your pc.